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The Orobie (Bergamasque Alps) treks come to Google!

The Province of Bergamo and the Bergamo C.A.I. section have realized an ambitious project in order to promote and to set off the trail network and the Orobie (Bergamasque Alps) mountain huts thanks to the prestigious collaboration with Google Trekker View. Such initiative allowed - by Google Trekker View special 360 ° cameras - to map the paths that lead from the valley floor to the seventeen Bergamo CAI section’s mountains huts. The trekker, the technological rucksack used to map the paths while walking, came to the most beautiful peaks of the Bergamo Alps. You can navigate our valleys and mountains step by step, by your Internet connection, now.
Fans and tourists from around the world can now enjoy breathtaking views and unforgettable panoramas. Equipped with 15 cameras providing high-resolution images, the Trekker has been used in recent months to detect the paths and peaks of the Bergamasque Alps naturalistic area.

So, click the following link and enjoy the journey!  


The touristic-hiking Chart of Bergamo’s Province is available

The Chart is available at the secretariat of Bergamo CAI section.

The chart consists of 13 tables (scale 1: 25.000) covering the whole territory of our province. It shows all the CAI trails and paths, all CAI Mountains huts as well as bike paths, private shelters... and so on.

In particular, it is possible to purchase a package including 9 tables showing
the “Parco delle Orobie” (Park of Bergamasque Alps), the Brembana valley, the Seriana valley, the “di Scalve” valley, the areas surrounding Pizzo della Presolana, Mount Alben,  Pizzo Arera, Mount Resegone, the “Sentiero delle Orobie” trail, the Curò Naturalistic trail and so on at a total cost of  € 10.

info: tel number   035-4175475

                                              mailto: segreteria@caibergamo.it

                                              web site: http://www.caibergamo.it/

Practicability of the trails


WARNING: These are the reports received about the practicability of the trails. Surely other routes may have damaged sections: in case, please report it (e-mail to: sentieri@caibergamo.it).   Thank You.

. Path  n° 302 (Baroni al Brunone Hut – Coca Hut):  it is passable.

. Path n° 411:   There is a transit ban for all vehicles on the road leading to Pianezza (from the via Trebolt junction). The ban will be operational:  every Saturday and Sunday of July and August 2017, every day from 12 to 20 August 2017 and 2 and 3 September 2017. During this period there will be a shuttle bus service:  its timetables will be published on the website  https://valdiscalve.it/

.  Path 244:  has a section with a chain not firmly anchored to the rock and it is, therefore, dangerous. Moreover it is also unviable because a stretch is collapsed. You are invited not to walk this path (an observation visit is pending (April 26, 2017).

·  Path n° 416: the stretch between Tagliaferri Hut and  Vivione Pass  has been checked:  it's passable. (5 july 2016).

·  The “via Ferrata della Porta has been checked:  it's passable.

·  Trail n° 330:  Brunone Hut - Merelli al Coca Hut  (rated: EE  = Escursionisti Esperti /Experienced Hikers): the original track has been restored (Spring 2017). The stretch damaged by a landfall in 2011 was reopened and secured. The section between the Brunone Hut and the ENEL Well (Pozzo ENEL) have not yet been checked (22/06/2017).

·  Trail n° 323:  from Bocchetta del Camoscio (Camoscio’s Col) until Valmorta Pond there are some challenging stretches, inadvisable to ordinary hikers, to deal only if REALLY experienced hikers. Moreover, until late season, snow stretches are present: it requires suitable equipment.

·  Trail n° 270: (“Roncobello - baite di Mezzeno”, also called "Gilberti" path) is not passable: there are many fallen trees that you can not bypass because of the steep terrain.

·  Trail No. 208 (in the section between the Lake of Prato and the Baita Armentarga) changed its path. Attention to the signs.

·  Trails  n° 596: the variant  “via ferrata”   that goes up to Corna Camoscera  (classified  EEA – ESCURSIONISTI ESPERTI CON ATTREZZATURA / EQUIPPED EXPERIENCED HIKERS) is NOT viable in safety.  This “via ferrata” is not managed and controlled by the CAI: consequently, CAI  assumes no responsibility regarding the maintenance status and the suitability of the equipment of that “via ferrata”!  (August 2015).


A new service for smartphone/tablet users

For all hikers having a smartphone (or a tablet) who want to walk in the Orobie (Bergamasque Alps) is now available a new web service: it complements what is already offered by the Geoportal of Trails and Mountain Huts of CAI Bergamo.
It is possible, now, to display on your mobile device the detailed maps of bergamasque trails and mountain huts.  Moreover, these maps can be easily queried in order to obtain all the information provided by our Geoportal (descriptions of each trail and of each mountain hut, the practicability of the trails… and so on).

On the side of the maps you can find the commands to change the map background, to look for a mountain hut, or a trail, or a place. You can even see your location on the map.
In fact, all these contents are already available on the CAI Geoportal but they are not optimized for smartphones and navigation is difficult using a mobile device.

Now, this new service - optimized for the displays of portable devices - allows you an easy navigation between pages and contents. Moreover, once you have activated the GPS, you can see your position on the map.

Note that this service is especially addressed to those who want to gather information for planning their hikes because it needs a data connection: keep in mind that in the Bergamasque Alps there are areas without coverage; consequently could be difficult (or even impossible) to use this service.
So, remember: it is not an app to download and install but is a web portal and requires a data connection.  No registration required. Nothing else to pay to use it.

This new service (and the Geoportal of the trails and mountains of CAI Bergamo itself ) were realized - free of charge - by the GLOBO company (located in Treviolo, Bergamo http://www.globogis.it/). GLOBO is specialized in the world of geography and web portals. From 2011 it support us with great passion and with innovative services.


Orobie (Bergamo Alps) Geographic Portal

A portal designed for mountain loverslogo

A virtual guide, simple and clear, to the Orobie (Bergamo Alps): paths, shelters, trails, photographs, from mount Resegone to the Scalve valley, from the ridges bordering Valtellina to the plain of Bergamo.


Maps, to organize your own excursions

MappaThe WebGIS system displays paths and ascensions by different maps: intelligent maps, which you can query to get information about what you are watching. From each page, clicking on the  “Map” signal, you can view the geographical location of the target content.


 How it works

 The portal interface is simple and intuitive but, if you want to know all the available features, you can take a look at the instruction page.Help