Itinerari nelle Orobie

Central-eastern Orobie Trail

Sentiero delle Orobie centro-orientali   (Central-eastern Orobie Trail)

The "Sentiero delle Orobie" trail is an alpine work - carried out in Lombardy, Italy - having a great importance: both historical and natural as well as mountaineering.
This extraordinary trail was conceived and carried out in the years 1950-1975 by section and subsections of
CAI-Bergamo, by the spur of Carlo Ghezzi (president of the CAI-Bergamo section from 1951 to 1962) and thanks to Gianbattista Cortinovis that - with some co-workers - was the main creator of the work.


Itinerario Naturalistico "Antonio Curò"

In 1984, the Commission for the Protection of Alpine Nature of the Bergamo section of CAI (Italian Alpine Club) proposed to create an "Itinerary" to connect Vivione Pass (“di Scalve” valley) with Curò Hut (Barbellino basin, upper Seriana valley). The Bergamo section, together with its Clusone subsection (now become section) and its Val di Scalve subsection, enthusiastically approved the idea and, within a short time, the operational phase began.