Rifugi e bivacchi

Nel periodo invernale e primaverile è consigliabile telefonare al gestore del rifugio per avere conferma dell'apertura e per verificare le condizioni dell'innevamento del sentiero di accesso.

Baita Cassinelli

The Cassinelli Hut, located at an elevation of 1568 m, is owned by the municipality of Castione della Presolana. In old times, the Baita was used by shepherds during the summer. Completely renovated in the 60s, in 1968 some rooms were assigned to the newly created section of the Mountain Rescue Organisation (Corpo Nazionale del Soccorso Alpino di Clusone) as a base for operations in the Presolana group. The municipality assigned the Baita to the Clusone “Carlo Medici” Section of the Italian Alpine Club (CAI) , which opens it for the public in summer.



Baita Cernello


Getting to a small hut is like moving in a wild and unexplored place: spending a night in the family-run Baita Cernello (elevation 1956 m) is surely a unique and advisable experience.


Baita Golla

On the gentle slopes of Mount Golla, facing the Riso Valley, this small rifugio (elevation 1756m) is a useful base for hikers who wants to walk the many pahts climbing the close and easy peaks of Mount Grem and Mount Golla.

The landscape is characteristically alpine, with the rocky pinnacles of Mount Alben in one direction, and the dolomite massif of Mount Arera in the other. 


Baita Lago Nero

The Baita Lago Nero is located on the shores of the Canali Lake, at an elevation of 1997 m, in an area of the Orobian Alps where artificial water reservoirs are common (Nero Lake, Aviasco Lake,  Campelli Lakes, Cernello Lake e Sucotto Lake). The Baita is easy accessible from the Calvi and Laghi Gemelli huts and is a perfect base for a number of hikes in a particularly wild environment, and to the rather easy ascents to Mount Cabianca and Mount Pradella.


Baita Monte Alto

The Baita Monte Alto is managed by the Valgandino section of the Italian Alpine Club (CAI) and it is located at an elevation of 1380 m in a bucolic and scenic area: the 360° landscaped includes the Orobian Alps and the massif of the Adamello. The baita is the origin of numerous easy paths, perfect for families, and it is touched by several long-distance treks as the itinerary through the peaks in Valgandino.


Baita Nembrini

Located at the base a of a steep wall on the north face of Mount Alben (m. 2019).


Bivacco Alberto Zamboni

Open all year around, it is best visited between April and November. Recently refurbished and managed by the the Alta Valle Brembana section of the subsection of the Italian Alpine Club (CAI), the Alberto Zamboni Hut is located in the Azzaredo-Casu’ forest, which extends over 115 hectars in the municipality of Mezzoldo and includes wide pastures.


Bivacco Aldo Frattini

The Aldo Frattini hut, located in the municipality of Valbondione, is a small metal structure on the ridge dividing the Valsecca valley from the the Piani del Campo Valley, just below the Valsecca col.


Rifugio Alpe Corte Bassa

The hut (elevation: 1410 m) is easily accessible from the village of Valcanale and it is surrounded by pine tree forest, facing steep rocky walls. It is the first stop of the Sentiero delle Orobie and it can be used as a base to reach the Branchino lake and for alpine skiing paths. In 2007, it has been completely refurbished and it is now accessible by disabled persons. The rooms have all a private bathroom and are ideal for family holidays.


Rifugio Antonio Curo'

The Barbellino basin is one of the most interesting areas in the Orobian Alps for hiking, especially for the presence of several moderately difficult peaks reaching elevations around 3000 m.