Rifugio Alpe Corte Bassa

Il rifugio
Zona Orobie: 

The hut (elevation: 1410 m) is easily accessible from the village of Valcanale and it is surrounded by pine tree forest, facing steep rocky walls. It is the first stop of the Sentiero delle Orobie and it can be used as a base to reach the Branchino lake and for alpine skiing paths. In 2007, it has been completely refurbished and it is now accessible by disabled persons. The rooms have all a private bathroom and are ideal for family holidays.

The Canale valley has always been loved by local mountaineers, who climbed its rocky faces in summer and skied during the winter. It was Enrico Bottazzi’s (president of the Bergamo section of the Italian Alpine Club) idea to create a mountain hut in this area, in 1947. The mountain hut was opened close to the Corte Bassa huts the following year during the celebrations for the 75th year of the Bergamo section of the club, by renting and refurbishing a pre-existing building. In 1970, the club bought the land and the building and start a first refurbishment. In 2007 the members of the club, with volunteer work, decide to adapt the structure to disabled people, creating the first “barrierless mountain hut” in the Orobian Alps.

The hut accepts reservations by email.


IMPORTANT: for reservations at the refuge call on Ms. Margherita phone: 3346707484

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Open from January 01 to June 07 only weekends

Opening continuosly from June 13 to September 27

Open from October 03 to November 15 only weekends

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