Rifugio fratelli Calvi

Il rifugio
Zona Orobie: 

The hut is located at the bottom of a bowl, surrounded by the highest peaks of the Brembana valley, with the conspicuous cusp of the Diavolo di Tenda peak being the most representative. The hut is a perfect base for hiking trail and mountaineering ascents, as well as for some alpine skiing circuits,  In this ares the alpine skiing contest “Trofeo Parravicini” takes place.

The hut was opened in 1935 by the president of the Bergamo section of the Italian Alpine Club (CAI), Antonio Locatelli, and it was dedicated to the memory of the 4 Calvi brothers (Attilio, Santino, Natale and Giannino): three of them died in first world war, while Natale perished in 1920 while climbing the north face of  Mount Adamello. From 1982 to 1984 the hut was completely refurbished. The hut is part of the Sentiero delle Orobie and it is used as a base for the ascents to the Diavolo di Tenda peak, Mount Grabiasca, Mount Madonnino and Mount Cabianca.

Phone number: 
Claudio Bagini

Year 2015

Openings on weekends from April 18 to June 07 and from  September 19 to November 01
Opening continuously from June 13 to September 13

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