Rifugio Gherardi

Il rifugio
Zona Orobie: 


This hut is located at an elevation of 1647 m and it is easily accessible from the village Quindicina in the Taleggio valley, particularly recommended for the less experienced hikers. The paths is easy, the view panoramic ranging on the whole valley.


The hut has rooms for 3, 6 or 9 people, and a dorm with 42 beds. Hot showers are available with a charge.

In 1980 the Zogno Section of the Italian Alpine Club (CAI) started to build the hut, which was dedicated to the memory of the member Angelo Gherardi, who perished during a winter ascent to the Corno Stella on the 29th of December 1974. The works were completed thanks to the volunteering of the members in 1987

Phone number: 
Associazione Alpi Ande Due
+39 035814749
+39 3398128123

 Year 2015

Openings on weekends from Febrary 02 to June 07 and from September 19 to December 20
Opening continuously from April 25 to May 03, from June 13 to September 13 and from December 26 to 2016 Jenuary 06

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