Rifugio Laghi Gemelli

Il rifugio
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Rifugio Laghi gemelli

The hut is located at an elevation of 1968 m, on the shore of the “laghi gemelli” (twin lakes), an artificial basin with a capacity of 5.000.000 cubic meters. The area is known as the “plateau of the lakes” for the presence of a dozen of water reservoirs located at short distances.

The most representative peak in the area is the Becco Peak (2507 m) with its steep south face and its even steeper north face. The peak can be ascended on both sides with climbing routes on excellent rock.

The hut is run by young managers, and is famous for its hospitality, the traditional cuisine and the excellent local wines.


website:            http://www.rifugiolaghigemelli.it/

Phone number: 
+39 0345.71.212
Maurizio Nava e Stefano Brignoli
+39 347.04.11.638

Year 2015                                                                                                                        

Openings on weekends from May 01 to June 07 and from September 19 to November 01
Opening continuously from June 13 to September 13

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