Path 211: Carona - Rifugio Laghi Gemelli

Orobie (Bergamasque Alps) area: 
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The trail starts from the orographic left side of the artificial lake of Carona (at the beginning of the village, you can find a little road passing over the dam and leading on the other side; or at the end of the village, just before the ENEL Central, there is a little road that bypasses the lake of Carona upstream and leads to the trailhead (1105 m). Following a zigzag path along a beautiful firs forest for a long way, you reach the path n° 213 (1779 m) which comes from the Fratelli Calvi Hut (Sentiero delle Orobie Centro-Orientali  /  Central-eastern Orobie Trail). A little further you can reach the dam of the lake Marcio (1840 m), so exiting definitively from the woods. The trail now runs along the side of the lake, until you cross the path n° 212 (leading up from Branzi) and the path n°250 (to the Lake of Becco). Then descend slightly to the left - high on the lake of Casere - until to reach the bridge that crosses the Gorno valley. From there, passing by a long dairy, the path climbs up to the Laghi Gemelli Hut (1961 m).


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