E: Escursionistico

Sentiero privo di difficoltà tecniche che corrisponde in gran parte a mulattiere realizzate per scopi agro - silvo - pastorali, militari o a sentieri di accesso a rifugi o di collegamento fra valli. E’ il tipo di sentiero maggiormente presente sul territorio e più frequentato e rappresenta il 75% degli itinerari dell’intera rete sentieristica organizzata. (Nella scala delle difficoltà escursionistiche CAI è classificato “E” itinerario escursionistico privo di difficoltà tecniche).

Path 114: Mezzoldo (Ponte dell'Acqua) - Ca' San Marco (Via Priula)

It starts from Ponte dell’Acqua (1272 m, hamlet of Mezzoldo), located along the S.P.8 (Provincial Road n° 8) leading from Mezzoldo to San Marco Pass. Just beyond the reservoir, you can see a small road on the left and the signs indicating the beginning of the track. It goes up to the coniferous forest, along the old muletrack that still retains much in the pavement, until you come out in the pastures and reach the Ancogno dairy (1757 m). By stretches of road and ancient "Via Priula" trail, you will soon reach the Ca' San Marco Refuge (1830 m).


Path 249: Gorno - Rifugio Baita Grem

The track starts from Villassio (hamlet of Gorno). The starting point is the S. Trinità church (740 m about). It climbs toward north along muletrack and dirt road stretches. It passes Basello place and continues uphill to an altitude of 1080 m about. There, it continues west with less slope. Finally, after passing a wooded valley, the track reaches the Grem Refuge (1126 m).


Path 246: Rifugio Longo - Rifugio Calvi (sentiero 225)

From Fratelli Longo Refuge (2026 m), climb to the “del Diavolo” lake, cross the dam and ascend the steep slope that ends at “della Selletta” Pass (2372 m – this stretch is shared with path n° 248). After a while leave on the left path n° 248 and turn right  going down to the alpine pastures of Armentarga huts. Continuing toward east and cross Camisana valley.


Path 242: Ponte Nossa - Baita Santamaria in Leten

Starting from Cossaglio (hamlet of Parre - 600 m) go up the Nossana valley. The path come up mainly by the dry bed of a creek until “Malga Piazza Manzone” shepherd’s hut (851 m), where it crosses the path n° 245 coming from Premolo. The track rises with greater slope now, and reaches “Baita di Sotto” hut, “Baita di Sopra” hut and finally, after the forest, the “Santamaria in Leten” refuge (1720 m - junction with path n° 240 and path n° 243).