Path 247: Pagliari (Carona) - Baita della Capra

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From Pagliari hamlet (1313 m - reached from Carona village following the first stretch of path 210), turn right and cross the Brembo river. Hike on the opposite slope of the valley climbing through forests to Dosso dei Signori (1728 m). Here, the track is overlapped with the 213 path from Rifugio Laghi Gemelli (Hut). Go eastward to the Capra hut (1780 m), from here the path is overlapped with the 210 path to Fregabolgia Lake and then to Rifugio Fratelli Calvi  (2050 m). This trail is a good alternative to path/dirt road 210 to Rifugio Fratelli Calvi, especially on hot and crowded days, and it is commonly called "summer trail"


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