Carta Escursionistica della Provincia di Bergamo

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Path 101_6: Ca' San Marco - San Simone (Baita Camoscio)

Leave the Hut (1829 m) and climb to the San Marco pass (1992 m) by the old muletrack (the historical Via Priula) and then go down into Valtellina - for about 150 m - along the road that leads to Morbegno. Now follow the path on the right and cross the northern slope of  the “Pizzo delle Segade” peak, until to reach a short ridge, soon interrupted by the narrow “Bocchetta d'Orta” notch.


Path 101_5: Rifugio Benigni - Ca' San Marco

From Benigni Hut (2222 m) go down to the underlying grassy dell and to the steep rocky couloir, that you follow carefully, especially in the case of humid climate or after storms or sudden snowfalls. When you reach its base, continue along the mountainside, arriving quickly at Salmurano Pass (2017 m) from where the artificial lake of Pescegallo is clearly visible.  Continue on the ridge up to a plain then turn right and - following  a mountainside path - you arrive near the M. Avaro, where you cross the path n° 109.


Path 101_4: Rifugio Grassi - Rifugio Benigni

Start from Grassi Hut (1987 m) and follow the southern slopes of the Cima di Camisolo top. Continue following the panoramic  “Pian delle Parole” ridge until reach the “bocchetta Alta” notch. Leave on your left the "del Caminetto" equipped path (which leads to the summit of "Pizzo dei Tre Signori" peak) to cross the steep southern slopes of the mountain along a mountainside path (known as "Sentiero dei Solivi" path).