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Path 101_7: San Simone (Baita Camoscio) - Passo di Tartano

Starting from Camoscio Hut (1781 m) climb the dirt road until to reach again the path n° 101. Continue with steep slope in the dell under the Lemma Pass (also reached by path n° 116) until to reach Fontanini hut. The path continues along the hillside crossing the south side of the mount Cima di Lemma - without a great difference in altitude - through woods and grazing areas.


Path 112: Valleve (Cambrembo) - Passo di Tartano

Follow the road from Cambrembo to S. Simone. After about 1 km, on your right (1452 m) begins the path n° 112, that first follows a country road to reach Forno place (1476 m). Then proceed near the bottom valley, briefly rising through meadows and then through forests; finally - through pastures – you overtake several huts (1548 m, 1671 m, 1758 m and 1874 m).


Path 109: Piani dell'Avaro - Laghi di Ponteranica

The track starts from “dell'Avaro” Plains, close to the hotel  (1702 m). Walk along a stretch of dirt road that goes up the slope northward. After about 10-15’ you find a crossroad: on your left the path n° 109A begins, going to reach the junction with path n° 101 (direction: Benigni Hut); on your right, instead, the  path n° 109 continues. You go up firmly to the right until to cross the path n° 101.


Path 101_2: Rifugio Cazzaniga-Merlini - Piani di Bobbio

From the Cazzaniga-Merlini Hut (1885 m), head north towards a saddle (1913 m) placed between mount “Cima di Piazzo” and mount “Zuccone dei Campelli”. Then continue, crossing the slopes of  “Zuccone dei Campelli” and mount “Zucco Barbesino” - without large differences in height at first - then turn left (west) and climb steeply up to the Megoffi Notch (2020 m;  or “dei Mughi Notch”) placed  between mount Corna Grande and mount  Zucco Barbesino. Now go down the other side, following the track until to reach the Bobbio Plains.