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Path 119: Valnegra - Monte Torcola - Forcolino di Torcola

The path begins Vena street around 50 m upstream the Church of Valnegra village (600 m) and climbs steeply in the forest to Calche bird-hunting hut under the slopes of Monte del Sole (1225 m, crossing with paths 122, 123 and 129). The path heads northeast crossing woods and meadows, reaches Prato Gervasio hut (1304 m) and then, the Prato Landino hut (1419 m).


Path 118: Piazzatorre (Piazzo) - Passo e Casera di Monte Colle

From Piazzo hamlet north-east above Piazzatorre (1112 m) the path climbs at first northward and then northeast along the valley descending from Secco Mount. Reached a hut (at 1549 m), climb eastward with a few hairpin bends, and, after a bump, you get to Monte Secco hut (1837 m). From here you get quickly the Monte Colle pass (1941 m).