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Path 227: Fiumenero - Rifugio Baroni al Brunone

The path starts near the cemetery of Fiumenero village (790 m, high Val Seriana valley) which is located at the beginning of the village. Climb the Fiumenero valley along the orographic right side of the river and cross the forest, with moderate slope.  Beyond Valsecca valley, cross the creek  (1105 m) and pass on the left orographic side (now  - on your right - you cross the path that goes down to the parking area placed at the end of Fiumenero village: this path is a possible alternative).


Path 254: Rifugio Longo - Passo di Venina

Starting from the Longo Hut (2026 m), go down the dirt road/path n° 224 - leading to the “del Prato” lake - for less than 1 km, about 10', until you see a signposted junction on your right (about 1920 m  a.s.l.): that is the starting point of path n° 254. The track rises firmly and by bends, reaching the meadows of Masoni hut (2013 m). It continues to climb the slope through a more rocky environment, to gain the watershed of the Valtellina at 2509 m (nice north view on the underlying Venina valley and its homonymous lake).