Tavola 03

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Path 330: Rifugio Baroni al Brunone - Rifugio Coca (sentiero basso)

Starting from Brunone Hut (2295 m) follow path n° 302 for a few minutes, then turn right and lose altitude. Cross the “dei Secreti” valley and continue the climb to reach a col at an altitude of 2002 m and - after another stretch along the mountainside - you finally face the Seriana valley at “della Giraffa” Col (2125 m).


Path 324: Rifugio Curò - passo Grasso di Pila - Rifugio Tagliaferri

Start from Curò Hut (1895 m), follow the easy muletrack and reach Barbellino natural lake (2188 m). Along the left bank (north) of the lake, climb along Serio river then, at an altitude of about 2300 m, the path curves to the right (east) pointing to the wide saddle of “Grasso di Pila” Pass (also called Barbellino Pass). Going up, you go along the pretty "di Pila" ponds (ab. 2350 m), finally reaching the pass.


Path 322: Lizzola - Passo di Bondione (incrocio sentiero 321)

Start from Lizzola (1259 m) and take the forest road that goes up Bondione valley. After the first stretch of the valley - that is almost flat - the path climbs more steeply (pay attention at a short stretch of rocky plate equipped with chains) always on the left orographic side of the stream, up to the intersection with path n° 304 (1620 m – Central-Eastern Orobie Trail / Sentiero delle Orobie Centro-Orientali).