Tavola 06

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Path 317: Castione della Presolana - Monte Valsacco - Clusone

 Just before reaching Rusio (921 m - a hamlet of Castione della Presolana), before the bridge, follow the forest road on the left. Shortly after, leave path n° 318 on the right and begin to climb following - for long stretches - such forest road, which leads to “Pozzetto” hut and to “Malga del Campo” hut (1520 m). Continue for a few minutes along the path that leads to Olmo Hut, keep left and move up the steep meadows northwards, until you reach the ridge overlooking the Valzurio valley.


Path 320: Baite del Möschel - Grotta dei Pagani

Leave Möschel huts (1265 m - reachable from Valzurio in 2 hours) and go up for a few minutes (15-20 ') along path n° 311. Leave the forest road, then turn right towards “Baita bassa di Bruseda” hut (1498 m) and climb up the valley that leads to Olmo Hut (1819 m). Afterwards you cross under the Presolana walls and, with a last steep stretch, you reach Pozzera pass (2126 m). Continue towards Presolana and soon reach the “Grotta dei Pagani”cave (2224 m).


Path 319: Passo della Presolana - Colle della Presolana - Malga della Presolana

Before reaching  “della Presolana” Pass (close to the Albergo Spampatti hotel, 1260 m), take the forest road on the left, which soon leaves the forest and crosses the meadows in westerly direction. With almost no difference in altitude, you reach Campello valley and leave the road on the right (it goes up to Baita Cassinelli Hut). In the woods you gain altitude reaching Corzenine hut (1363 m) and continue along the road that leads to Cornetto Hut.