Alta Valle Brembana

Path 258: Rifugio Longo - Rifugio Baita Armentarga (crossroad path 208)

From Rifugio Fratelli Longo (2026 m), the path leads directly to the bottom of Mount Sasso valley. Go downhill near the creek to about height 1800 m. The path now turns left (eastward) and enters the Brembo River Valley. Going along the hillside in a sparse forest and heading upstream in the valley, you reach quickly Rifugio Armentarga (private Hut 1776 m).


Path 231: Zorzone - Passo Branchino

From Zorzone (1019 m -hamlet of Oltre il Colle) follow the mule track leading to Valvedra Valley, heading eastward along the hillside. The path climbs gently to Pian Bracca hamlet (1111 m – if you like, reach by car this hamlet from Zorzone). The path goes on, staying near the bottom of the valley, to Pessel hut (1209 m) then reaches a pasture area and Casera di Vedro (dairy hut) (1672m).